Welcome to the Visual Media Strategy Forum

Pressing Toward Completion

March 30 – 31, 2018

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The 20/20 Vision facilitation team would like to invite you to consider gathering with us to participate in prayer and strategic planning to see new gospel media produced for the world’s least reached peoples. Create International and the Visual Story Network are thrilled to be hosting this very significant event. We believe that these few days of focused collaboration will result in many new partnerships for bringing the knowledge of the glory of God to many who have never heard.

Our team has worked hard to make this a “working” consultation where the goal is to connect individuals and ministries together in order to create concrete steps towards the production of new Gospel media and new innovative approaches to distribution. The networking will be inspiring and the fellowship rich.

Let us pray that our unity together will result in God’s blessing being poured out and His strategies made clear to all of us. As we look at the remaining Least Evangelized Mega Peoples and prayerfully consider our part in God’s plan to reach them, let us lay aside any unbelief, rise up in faith, and embrace His power and ability to use us in amazing ways.

Your contribution to this gathering is extremely valuable and we encourage your engagement in all of the prayers, discussions, and planning activities. We need everyone to see this vision accomplished by the year 2020, “to see an indigenous evangelistic audio-visual tool for every one of the Least Evangelized Mega Peoples, so that all can clearly see and understand the gospel message and embrace it as their own.”

VMSF 2018 Major Objectives:

1. To inspire passion and innovative thinking towards fulfilling the 20/20 Vision,
2. To explain the 20/20 Vision and invite others to join this campaign through making new adoptions,
3. To develop new partnerships in order to produce visual media for peoples who do not yet have an indigenous audio-visual gospel presentation,
4. To showcase completed 20/20 vision projects, testimonies and inspirational case studies focused on completing a presentation for the adopted people group(s) by the end of the year 20/20,
5. To continue developing pre-production, production, and post-production schedules for all remaining people groups,
6. To identify strategic and innovative initiatives to distribute these indigenous gospel media tools.

Calvin and Carol Conkey

Clyde Taber

Hosts of the Visual Media Strategy Forum


Criteria for Attendance:

  1. Individuals or Ministries who have adopted a 20/20 Vision people group,
  2. Media influencers with a commitment to see the 20/20 Vision completed,
  3. Content creators willing to start or join an existing partnership,
  4. Field personnel who can assist in media engagement.

Registration for the 2018 VMSF is Now Closed!

If you have further questions email us

EMDC provides a venue for the sharing of cutting-edge ideas and technology that advance ministry. It is a place that a person can both give (by sharing what he is doing) and receive (by learning and hearing of what others are doing or advances that are being made). There are training workshops for many different areas of ministry. EMDC also provides the framework and the time to network with others. Please consider attending the EMDC and then staying on for the VMSF.

21-24 March 2018 (pre-EMDC training)

26-29 March (EMDC)
30-31 March (VMSF)

Horizon Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand


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